Islamophobia Watch Australia (IWA) is excited to announce the launch of the long awaited Islamophobia Watch Smartphone Application- Australia’s first ever phone app which allows Muslim Australians to report incidents easily and promptly.
The aim of the smart phone application is to reach as many Muslim Australians as possible and to provide them with a tool that allows them to easily report incidents of Islamophobia as well as tap in to a support network of counselling and legal services. The reporting application is available on both Android and IPhone smartphones and can be downloaded free of charge.
Ahmed Abouzaid, president of IWA stated:

“we have worked very hard to bring this much needed service to the Muslim community and we are pleased to finally launch it. Reporting incidents is important to ensure that data is available to identify trends of Islamophobia as they occur, but more importantly to ensure that vulnerable Muslim Australians have access to support networks and to create a greater awareness about the very real effects on Australian Muslims. IWA is a service funded by Muslims, run by Muslims for Muslims and we seek to act in the interests of the Muslim community, particularly those most vulnerable.”

IWA also aims to function within frameworks that recognize systems and power structures of racism and Islamophobia. Future IWA projects will aim to provide nuance and analysis on these topics to educate the Muslim community and the wider community.
Abouzaid said:

“IWA is grateful to the Muslim Australian community for their support. The generosity of the Muslim community in their moral and financial support, as well as the tremendous voluntary work effort of passionate Muslims to establish this project, is inspiring. ”

IWA urges all Muslim Australian to download the Islamophobia reporting application via the Android Play Store and IPhone App Store and to spread the word to friends, family and networks.
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