December 11, 2015

Islamophobia Watch Australia (IWA) firmly rejects Liberal party backbencher Tony Abbott’s toxic rhetoric of Islamophobia.

Once again, Tony Abbott shows the contempt with which he holds Muslims when he presumes a conceited right to lecture Muslims on their faith.

“It is revealing about Abbott’s politics that he quotes an Egyptian dictator in support of calls for Islamic progressive reform, and conveniently whitewashes western civilization as modern, peaceful and benevolent and Islam as violent, indecent and uncivilized,” said IWA president Ahmed Abou-zaid.

Abou-zaid said. “His divisive and ignorant public expressions of Islamophobia in the current climate of increasing incidences of Islamophobic attacks on individuals, Muslim buildings and places of worship are gravely irresponsible.”

IWA notes that Abbott’s statements make clear his racist sense of superiority, and exposes the political climate that produces racism in the everyday lives of minority Australians despite their cultural and faith backgrounds.

It further demonstrates the social pressures placed on western minority communities, especially those who happen to be under the magnifying glass as Muslims are currently and as Australian Africans, Jews, Asians and Indigenous communities were and often are.

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