March 4, 2016

Islamophobia Watch Australia welcomes the Sydney Morning Herald’s suspension of columnist Paul Sheehan.

Paul Sheen authored the inaccurate, inflammatory and Islamophobic column entitled ‘The story of Louise: we’ll never know the scale of the rape epidemic in Sydney’, printed on the 22nd of February in Fairfax papers.

Islamophobia Watch Australia notes the unseemly haste for an exclusive ‘scoop’ that allowed this column to go to print with all its obvious faults. Basic journalistic due diligence was suspended in an effort to be first with a sensational and race baiting story.
As a result, a person known to be affiliated with Reclaim Australia was allowed to fan the flames of anti-Muslim hatred.
Ahmed Abouzaid, President of Islamophobia Watch Australia said, “It is inexcusable that a prominent Fairfax columnist like Paul Sheehan can make a career out of expressing the vilest Islamophobic ‘opinions’ and face nothing in the way of real consequences. The editors at the Sydney Morning Herald clearly made a colossal error in judgement and now need to make a real effort to clean up after themselves.
Islamophobia Watch Australia calls on Fairfax to take decisive action in regards to the Paul Sheehan brand of Islamophobic ‘journalism’ across its mastheads.

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