Islamophobia Watch Australia is a not-for-profit organization established to combat Islamophobia in Australia. Alongside a rise in anti-Muslim sentiments at both the local and global levels, Australian Muslims are increasingly the victims of Islamophobia and discrimination in multiple domains of social life. This includes, but is not limited to: instances of physical and verbal abuse in public spaces including shopping centres, parks, at the beach and on public transport; attacks on Muslims’ property, including homes and mosques; and discrimination in workplaces, universities and schools.

In 2003, the Human Rights and Equal Opportunities Commission found that many incidents of Islamophobia experienced by individuals were not reported to the police or other relevant authorities. After consulting widely with the Muslim community, Islamophobia Watch Australia has found that this under-reporting, combined with a corresponding lack of coherent documentation of Islamophobia in the community, remains a serious problem.

Islamophobia Watch Australia provides the Australian community with a centralized means of reporting and documenting instances of Islamophobia. Witnesses and/or victims of Islamophobic discrimination or violence can submit reports – anonymously if they wish – through our website or smartphone app. Information supplied will be collated into an interactive national map, and will form the basis of regular reports. We also offer a case management service to ensure victims of Islamophobia receive access to appropriate legal, counseling and/or other appropriate forms of support.


  • A community service body that is independent from any government bodies, political groups, parties and organizations.
  • A watch body to monitor and combat Islamophobia Australia wide


  • To partner up with both national and international organizations that shares similar values and goals in combating racism, discrimination and Islamophobia
  • We would like to build relations with international institutions and sister organizations worldwide.
  • We would like to create strong relationships with higher education institutions to facilitate research on Islamophobia.

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